My Heart's Beating (the RP)

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My Heart's Beating (the RP)

Post by Oswin on Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:20 pm

The world is a wreck. And where we are (humble little Paradise), everything is worse.
"The world is ending!" Cries are heard on the news, on the radio, everywhere. But we know it's not true. We know the true reason for this mess.
What mess? Oh, I forgot to introduce you to everything. I apologize. Oh, well, just this big whole thing where everybody is freaked out for one reason. And that would happen to be, well, something that they call "The Terrors." The world is shaking, breaking, everything is falling apart. Fire fell from the sky once. Buildings fall for no reason. At least, that's the view the world has.
All "The Terrors" have stopped - no fire is falling, the world has stopped shaking, the buildings have stopped falling. But the world is crying out, needing something to save them. Everything is broken, unusable. Families have been torn apart. And all for one reason. And we know it.
See, the world fell into a horrible state. Everyone looked out for their own good. Everyone despised everyone, everyone was greedy. No love, no kindness. Nothing. And we in Paradise knew this would happen, but we were the worst.
How did we know? Oh, a little bird told us. Actually, the bird's name was Josh. He had been known as a strange thing, but those who knew him knew he was really just a normal kid. He saw through things, though, and he could see the world's fault. He warned us, told us that terror would fall if everyone stayed like they were. We scoffed and laughed. He would warn us every day, yet we wouldn't listen. And now this happened.
Josh has revealed something that was revealed to him. Something reveals the things to him that he reveals to us? Confused. Well, the thing that is causing all this can be reached. Can be pleaded to. And it's in Paradise. Josh has also stated that only those with good intentions can find it. Nobody searching just to stop this mess can find the thing that will save the world.
So, are you one of the ones who can do it?

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